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The Carole Lombard House
704 Rockhill Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Ph: (260) 580-5529


Corazon and Rick Brandt.

Corazon was born in Tariric, Minalabac, Camarines Sur, Philippines. She attended Tariric Elementary School, University of Neuva Caceres, Naga City and The University of the Philippines in Manila.  
She studied textiles, fabrics and apparel design at the College of Alameda, in California and has owned several apparel businesses and boutiques in Northern California.

Cora and Rick at their 35th wedding anniversary

Rick was born in Fort Wayne and attended Southern Heights Elementary School, Merle J. Abbott, Ben F. Geyer, and South Side High School. He also attended several Junior Colleges, the U.S. Armed Forces Institute and Crosby Quality College.
He is currently a Quality Assurance Manager for a company in California that supplies power generation and water purification equipment to the U.S. Armed Forces.


He joined the Navy in 1964 and visited many strange and wonderful places, including Southeast Asia. He met Corazon in the Philippines, where she was attending the University of the Philippines, studying electrical engineering. They spoke a common language (both had engineering backgrounds) and there was an immediate attraction between them. 

They married in June of 1968 after a three-week courtship. The marriage took place at the Manila city hall, on June 12th, 1968, but wasn't recorded until June 21st, because June 12th is a Philippine holiday: Independence Day.

He brought Cora to Fort Wayne in 1969 and they lived in Waynedale for a few years.

In 1972 Rick rejoined the Navy and received orders to Alameda Naval Air station, in California. They remained in California until they received overseas orders in 1975.  
Some close friends urged them to receive marriage blessings before they left, so they were married in Saint Patrick's Cathedral in San Francisco, by (then) Father Fred Bitanga. August 13th, 1975. (Monsignor Fred Bitanga has since married them again in 1993 on  their 25th anniversary, and in 2003 on their 35th anniversary.)
After their return Stateside in 1977 they made their home in the San Francisco Bay area and visited Fort Wayne occasionally. Several years ago they visited the Carole Lombard House and stayed there when visiting Fort Wayne.

During their visit to Fort Wayne in November of 2003 they were informed by the owners Bev and Dave Fiandt  that the house was for sale.

Cora and Rick returned to California thinking that they may never again be able to stay in their beautiful home away from home: The Carole Lombard House, so  they called the Fiandts who put them in contact with the realtor, Sue Wilson.
They tendered an offer, which was accepted; one thing led to another and (finally) the house was theirs.
Special thanks to Sue (Mike Thomas Associates), Noel Knox and Mack Howell (5th 3rd Bank) and to Bev and Dave for pulling everything together on the Fort Wayne end.

We aren't currently operating as a bed and breakfast, but if you're in send us an email; we love visitors. ~ ~ Cora and Rick.